Friday, February 5, 2016

Searching Tips Using Google

  1. Using quotation marks ("...")
    This function is used if you wish to search for targeted information. Quotation marks will result in web pages are better targeted and closely related to the information you seek. With inverting quote at the beginning and at the end of the set of words, then Google will present the same search results as you type. Examples : "the university of Indonesia"
  2. Filetype:
    This function is used to search files. For example, you want to search for files on the internet related to physics, then you just type → physics filetype:pdf. If you want to find in a document file then you can change filetype:pdf with filetype:doc
  3. Site:
    This function is used to find sites related to what we type. For example, we want to know about the football news that exist in site, it can be typed → football
  4. Inurl:
    This option is used to search for particular words that become part of a url. Example : inurl:admin → this search will result in the website url that has the word "admin"
  5. Intitle:
    This option is used to search for specific words contained in the web page title. For example, you want to search for titles that have the word "business", it can be typed → intitle:business
  6. Link:
    This option is used to determine which site linking to a particular site. Example: → find sites that have link to
  7. You can combine a variety of options above to get more specific search results. Example:
    • technology filetype:pdf → to find pdf files that contain about technology in
    • inurl: exe|rar|zip → to find programs or applications in
  8. Type the longer words for more relevant search results
    It is better if you type longer words in the Google search box for better search results.

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